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0002664EresseaZAUBERöffentlich2020-05-11 17:20
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Zusammenfassung0002664: 1st level income spell not working at sea although marked with Ship modifier

Casting Jugglery (cerddor 1st level income spell) on sea resulted in not earning silver and getting an error message:
"Ged (Lmnd) in ocean (9, 1): '@CAST Jugglery' - This spell cannot be cast while you are on the ocean."

Although spell is marked in .nr report with "Modifications: ship" and in .cr report with "1;ship" as well.

Schritte zur Reproduktion
  1. Embark on a boat
  2. Sail the boat to an ocean tile
  3. Cast Jugglery with a Cerddor school wizard
  4. Receive an error message "..'@CAST Jugglery' - This spell cannot be cast while you are on the ocean."

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2020-05-10 19:24

Reporter   ~0008792

Please close this bug report, seems that everything works as intended. Ship spells can only be cast on a ship by Aquarians, which confused me.



2020-05-11 17:18

Entwickler   ~0008795

@robertp: There are two different modifiers for ships. Most spells cannot be cast on outgoing ships. Spells with the ship modifier can be cast on outgoing ships. So the week they are still on land, but sailing out into the ocean.
Spells with the Sea Spells modifier can also be cast by non-auarian people on the ocean. This is probably a bit confusing at the beginning. Sea people can cast all spells on the ocean, regardless of the modifier.

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