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Zusammenfassung0003022: Leave and Attack

Faction C transports Unit A Faction A in a boat(A), we land in a region. The region isn't guarded and is empty. The same week, another boat(B) has landed with Unit B Faction B. The Unit A leaves the boat A and attack the Unit B. Unit B is the captain of the boat B, so he has surely not leaved the boat. Faction C isn't involved in the combat.

Combat duration 5 rounds => Unit B doesn't flee

After the battle : Boat B of Unit B : no damage, and UNIT B still inside Boat B that has transported Unit A : 20% damage And at the end of the week Unit A is outside the boat A ( so that means the order of leave has been given)

In sequence LEAVE is before ATTACK Is that a bug ?

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2024-04-10 11:54

Entwickler   ~0010156

Did unit a hit, in other words, is there a line like "a (a) hit 2 times and killed 0 enemies." in the report? Otherwise this probably worked as intended and there is just a bug in the rules: Units that left a ship in the same round still cause damage to the ship if they are hit.



2024-04-10 13:52

Entwickler   ~0010159

Include the report in ``` to keep the formatting. So Cemmentarius hit, but Kleinohr's boat was not damaged? Then there is something I do not understand. Is it possible, that the hit caused 0 damage somehow? An unarmed troll should do d5+1 damage and I can reproduce the case when B has no armor. What's the modifier for skill difference in this case?



2024-04-10 21:52

Administrator   ~0010161

LEAVE is before ATTACK, but (and this is missing in the documentation) to make Invasions from sea more difficult, if any unit that is on a ship at the end of the previous turn (i.e. in the last report) takes damage in combat, then the ship that it's either still on or that it has just left will also take damage.



2024-04-11 10:09

Entwickler   ~0010163

Zuletzt bearbeitet: 2024-04-11 10:14

I think I've got it. There is a rule implemented that ships only take damage in "long" battles (therefor the max. damage is 20%, not 25% or 30%). "Die Taktikrunde und die erste Runde wird nicht mitgezählt, so dass es immer nur maximal 20% Schaden geben kann." This is implemented in 3 places:
The effect is, that the ship did not take damage because it was only hit in turn 1 (of 5).

Maybe the first line (turn>1) is actually not reflecting the rule as intended: It shouldn't really matter if the hit was in round 1 or 2, only if the battle went to round 2. I think that from a world perspective, that makes more sense. On the other hand, there could be a situation, where a fight lasts 5 rounds, but not actually for the unit on the ship: The unit might have fled or their opponents might be dead already by round 2. Should the ship really take damage because there was fighting going on somewhere else in the region? But we should discuss this here: https://discord.com/channels/509396702663278592/981092975088140348/1227893196282003516


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